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Episode 6

NBA Restart/Are they in trouble?/Turner Media Deal

Discussing the NBA’s planned restart of the 19-2020 season beginning on July 30th, looking at the current decline in ratings and viewership & tying in how the Hong Kong protest comments made by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey affects the future landscape of the NBA.


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Hardy Ufo

Welcome everybody. This is a podcast for open minds to objectively speak about controversial topics and topics that are affecting many of us millennials as well as other generations today. I myself am a 25yr old black male, so a lot of times I might discuss topics pertaining to the black community and black males specifically, a lot of the times we’re going to discuss men, we’re going to discuss, race, and politics, religion, aliens, current events, you name it I’m on it for real. In time I hope to bring on some guests as this is really an ongoing life discussion & about trying to open minds and rescue men in our society today. #MENFIRST #HARDYTIVITY