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Episode 19

WAP: Martian’s Red Pill Perspective

If you know...you know. And if you like this song...shame on you. Don’t allow your underage daughter to watch the music video if you have kids. These subliminal messages are getting crazy, they’re not even scared of blatantly showing you anymore...and WHY? Listen to find out.


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Floating in Space w/MartianUFO👁🌬
Floating In Space/The Interactive Space For Critical Thinkers

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Hardy Ufo

Welcome everybody. This is a podcast for open minds to objectively speak about controversial topics and topics that are affecting many of us millennials as well as other generations today. I myself am a 25yr old black male, so a lot of times I might discuss topics pertaining to the black community and black males specifically, a lot of the times we’re going to discuss men, we’re going to discuss, race, and politics, religion, aliens, current events, you name it I’m on it for real. In time I hope to bring on some guests as this is really an ongoing life discussion & about trying to open minds and rescue men in our society today. #MENFIRST #HARDYTIVITY